AEC Network Control Module IPP-3100

IPP-3100 Network Control Module

IPP-3100 Network Control Module supports the current stable version of the browser and the version that preceded it. For example, Internet Explorer on Windows, Microsoft Edge on Windows 10, Firefox on Windows, Safari on Mac OS X, Chrome on Windows. IPP-3100 features 16 channels DI, 8 channels DO and one RS-232 or RS-485 (select by setting) output. IPP-3100 provides a web interface to remote control "IPP Link" network include configuration, scheduling, setting event function and device update.

IPP-3100 provide the best IoT solution

IPP-3100 provides easy monitoring and automation control features for devices level energy saving management

IPP-3100 smart building solutions can reach the following objectives to make our building smarter

  • Reduce energy waste expenditures
  • Optimize operations and maintenance
  • Maximize space utilization
  • Preserve the environment
  • Enhance productivity

Communication and installation

IPP-3100 provides TCP/IP protocol to remote control "IPP Link" network. Each IPP product can be operated independent and using IPP Link to connect and communicates each other. IPP Link is very reliable (CANbus) and scalable and even the link is broken it will not affect the normal operation of other module. Integrate more IPP series product to extend applications.



  • 16 channel Digital Input (DI)
  • 8 channel Digital Output (DO)
  • RS-232/485 DB9 male socket (switch by software control)
  • Display of visualisations with web interface