Update Programmer Software

Software License

Software License
If customers OS is Windows 7 (64 bit), after install it will only available with USB version SW, the parallel port software of LabTool-48UXP is not available. Please purchase hardware upgrade-kit to upgrade the programmer.
Step by step :
1. Download and install the latest SW from AEC's website : www.aec.com.tw (SW version 8.3 and above)
2. Run the self test function in Demo mode.


You can find the self test report file at
( Windows 2000/XP)
C:\Documents and Settings\login user\My Documents\Advantech Equipment Corp\LabTool-48XP_UXP\AExxxxxxxxxx.rep
( Windows Vista/7/8/10 )
C:\Users\login user\Documents\Advantech Equipment Corp\LabTool-48XP_UXP\AExxxxxxxxxx.rep
Send this self-test report file (AExxxxxxxxxx.rep) to grace.hou@advantech.com.tw.
If you have order the SW update license, we will send you a file AEC (*rar) which will allow your unit with this S/N to run the new SW down load from our web.
Double-click the *.rar to expand the file.
After installing, please click “ About ” under “ Help ” to check the valid date or run self test again, send us the self test report file for double check.
Parallel port
USB port