Update Programmer Software

Software License

Software License
If customers OS is Windows 7 (64 bit)/ Windows 8.1 (64 bit)/ Windows 10 (64 bit), after install it will only available with USB version SW, the parallel port software of LabTool-48UXP is not available.
This driver is free for LabTool-48UXP shipped after Jan 1st 2009, but it provides two year free update service after the shipment date.
After two year later, customers have to order an S/W update service to get a new license for software update service in next 2 years.
Customers who own LabTool-48XP/UXP shipped before year 2009, if customer want to run LabTool-48UXP under Vista (32 bit) or Windows 7 (32/64 bit) or above, customer has to order this software update service.
LT48XP/UXP 2 year updated service price: USD210
Order, installation procedure and notice :

Submit the LabTool-48UXP self-test report file to us for testing.
Send to grace.hou@advantech.com.tw

Place the LabTool-48UXP 2 years updated service order. The customer can make the payment by credit card/Paypal/remittance.
We will issue a temporary S/W link path to customer by email. Customer has to download the SW license within 7 days.
Each SW license gets two years update service from our web.
Two years later, customer needs to order the next two years SW update service with same procedure if SW updated is needed.
S/W 8.32.03 is the last freeware for LabTool-48UXP which support Windows 98/2000/XP.
If customers OS is Windows 7 (64 bit), after install it will only available with USB version SW, the parallel port software of LabTool-48UXP is not available. Please purchase hardware upgrade-kit to upgrade the programmer.
Step by step :
1. Download and install the latest SW from AEC's website : www.aec.com.tw (SW version 8.32.03 and above)
2. Run the self test function in Demo mode.


You can find the self test report file at
( Windows 2000/XP)
C:\Documents and Settings\login user\My Documents\Advantech Equipment Corp\LabTool-48XP_UXP\AExxxxxxxxxx.rep
( Windows Vista/7/8/10 )
C:\Users\login user\Documents\Advantech Equipment Corp\LabTool-48XP_UXP\AExxxxxxxxxx.rep
Send this self-test report file (AExxxxxxxxxx.rep) to grace.hou@advantech.com.tw.
If you have order the SW update license, we will send you a file AEC (*rar) which will allow your unit with this S/N to run the new SW down load from our web.
Double-click the *.rar to expand the file.
After installing, please click " About " under " Help "to check the valid date or run self test again, send us the self test report file for double check.
Parallel port
USB port