AEC Newspaper
Q1 News 2005
  Introduce The LabTool-48UXP
LabTool-48UXP has replaced LabTool-48XP in Jan 1st 2005.The LabTool-48UXP is full compatible with LabTool-48XP in software. It has an extra USB port to connect the USB interface of PC and it works with Win 98SE/Me, Win 2000 and Win XP. The LabTool-48UXP has both parallel port and USB interface. The USB SW driver (beta test version) is release on web.
  Introduce The LabTool-T400 option 100
Introduced in May 2004, now the LabTool-T400 can be regard as a single socket flash programmer to give customer a solution for high density and low voltage chip as entry level.LabTool-T400 option 100 can upgrade to full function LabTool-T400 by purchasing 3 set extra pin driver modules.
  LabTool-48UXP new device support in SW 6.00 (Jan. 2005)
APLUS AF93BC46, AF93BC56, AF93BC66

AT89C5131A, AT89LS51, T89S2051, AT89S4051, AT49BV163A/AT,
AT25F512A, AT25F1024A

Dallas 89C430, 89C440, 89C450
EFST F49L004BA, F49L004UA
ELAN EM39LV040, EM25LV512, EM25LV010
Excel ES29LV800DB/T, ES29LV160DB/T, ES29LV320DB/T
Fujitsu MBM29QM12DH
MACRONIX MX26LV004, MX26LV040, MX29LV640MT, MX29LV640MB, MX29LV641MH, MX29LV641ML
MICROCHIP 10F206,10F202,10F204,10F200,12F508,12F509,18F6520,18F6620,
MIRA P439LV088, P439LV010, P439LV040, P439LV800, AC25LV512,
PHILIPS 89LPC924, 89LPC925, 89LPC 932A1, 89LPC933, 89LPC934, 89LPC935,
89LPC936, 89LPC938
PMC PM25LV010, PM25LV020, PM25LV040
SPANSION S71PL032J04, S71PL032J40S71PL032J80, S71PL032J08, S71PL064J80, S71PL064A0, S71PL064JB0, S29GL128NTA01, S29GL128TA02, S29GL128NTAR1, S29GL128TAR2, S29GL256NTA01, S29GL256NTA02, S29GL256NTAR1, S29GL256NTAR2, S29AL008DTF01, S29AL008DTF02
STM 25P32V, M29W320EB, M29W320ET, M58LW032C, M59PW064, M59PW1282
Toshiba TMP87PH46
Winbond W15B040, W15B020, W79E201, W79(L)E532,W79E548, W79(L)E648, W39V040FB,W39V040B
  LabTool-848 new device support in SW 3.70 (Jan. 2005)
ATMEL 45DB321B, AT49BV160C/CT, AT49BV163A/AT, AT49BV320C/CT
PTC PT29C040, PT29L800UV
STM M59PW064, M59PW1282, NAND128W3A
Q4 News 2004
  LabTool-48XP new device support in SW 5.90 (Oct. 2004)
ACTRANS AC39LV010, AC39LV020, AC39LV040, AC25LV010, AC25LV512
APLUS AF24BC32, AF24BC64, AF93BC46, AF93BC56, AF93BC66
EMC EM 39LV800,EM39LV010, EM39LV080, EM39LV088
MACRONIX 26LV004B, 26LV004T, 26LV040, 26LV400BB, 26LV400BT, 29LV008BT, 29LV008BB, 29LV160BBMC29LV160BTMC, 29LV320BB, 29LV320BT, 29LV640BB, 29LV640BT, 29LV640BU, 28F640C3BB, 28F640C3BT, 29LV017B, 29LV065B
MICROCHIP 16C781, 16C782, 16F737, 16F747, 16F767, 16F777, 16F54, 16F57, 16F636, 16F684, 16F688
NEXFLASH NX25P80, NX25P16, NX25P32
PHILIPS P89V51RB2, P89V51RC2, P89LV51RB2, P89LV51RC2
SANYO LE25FW406M, LE28FW4003N, LE28FW8203T-70B
SPANSION S25FL004D, S29PL127J-TA13, S29AL016D-TF01, S29AL016D-TF02, S29AL016D-BF01, S29AL016D-BF02, S29AL016M-TF01,
S29AL016M-TFR1, S29AL016M-TF02, S29AL016M-TFR2,
S29JL032H-TC01, S29AL016M-TFR2, S29JL032H-TC01, S29JL032H-TC02, S29JL032H-TC21, S29JL032H-TC22, S29JL032H-TC31, S29JL032H-TC32, S29JL032H-TC41, S29JL032H-TC42
SST 29VE512, 29VE010, 29VE020, 49LF003B
STM M25P16.M29F800DT, M29F800DB, M29F032D, M29DW640D, M58LW064C
UTI 29LV400BTT, 29LV040BT
WINBOND W39L040A, W77LE58, W78ERD2, W78IRD2, W79E623
  LabTool-848 new device support in SW 3.60 (Oct. 2004)
ACTRANS AC25LV512, AC25LV010, AC39LV010, AC39LV020, AC39LV040
EMC EM39LV010, EM39LV088, EM39LV800
EMTC eM29SF002(N)AB, eM29SF002(N)AT, eM29SF020(N)AU
Fujitsu MBM29LV160BE/TE, MBM29PL32BM/TM
INTEL TE28F256J3C, RC28F256J3C
MACRONIX MX26LV004B/T, MX26LV040, MX26LV400B/T, MX28F640C3BB/BT, MX29LV017B, MX29LV065B, MX29LV160BB/BT, MX29LV640BB/BT, MX29LV640BUT
Philips P89C60X2, P89C61X2, P89V51RD2, P89LV51RD2
Spansion S29AL016D-T-01, S29AL016D-T-02, S29AL016D-B-01, S29AL016D-B-02, S29AL016M-T-01, S29AL016M-T-02, S29AL016M-T-R1, S29AL016M-T-R2, S29AL016M-B-01, S29AL016M-B-02, S29AL016M-B-R1, S29AL016M-B-R2, S29GL032M-T-R3, S29GL032M-T-R4, S29GL064M-T-R2,
S29GL064M-T-R3 ,S29GL064M-T-R4 ,S29GL064M-T-R6,
S29GL064M-T-R7, S71PL032JA0, S71PL064JA0, S71PL127JB0
SST 32HF202, 32HF402, 32HF802, 89E52RD2, 89V52RD2, 89E54RD2, 89V54RD2, 89E58RD2, 89V58RD2, 89E516RD2, 89V516RD2
STM M29F032D, M29DW640D, M58LR128FB/T, NAND256W3A
Uti 29LV040B, 29LV400BT
WINBOND W39L040A, W39V080A, W39V080FA, W78IRD2P
Q3 News 2004
  LabTool-48XP new device support in SW 5.80 (Jul. 2004)
APLUS AF24BC01, AF24BC02, AF24BC04, AF24BC08, AF24BC16
ATMEL AT89C51ED2, AT25HP256, AT25HP512, AT49BV802A, AT49BV802AT, AT49BV6416, AT49BV6416T, AT45DB642, ATTiny2313, AT89C5131
GENCORE GC87C510A0, GC87C520A0
MICROCHIP PIC12F635, PIC12F683, PIC16F636, PIC16F684, PIC16F688
OKI MR27V402F, MR27V802F, MR27V1602F, MR27V12800J
SANYO LE28F8201T, LE28F8203T
SPANSION S29AL016M, S71PL127JB0, S71PL129JB0
SST 39WF400A, 89E52RD2, 89E54RD2, 89E58RD2, 89E516RD2,89V52RD2, 89V54RD2, 89V58RD2, 89V516RD2
STM M36WWR6650T, M36WWR6650B, M36WWR6650D, M58WR064ET, M58WR064EB, M50FLW040A, M50FLW040B, M58LW128A
TOPRO TP2808L, TP2808H
UTI 29LV040T, 29LV400T, 29LV800T, 29LV800BT, 29LV017B, 29LV160BT, 29LV320BT
  LabTool-848 new device support in SW 3.50 (Jul. 2004)
ATMEL ATmega32
OKI MR27V6402G
Sanyo LE28FW8201T, LE28FW8203T
Spansion S71PL129JB0
STM M95256
SyncMOS S29C31001T
TOPRO TP2804H, TP2804L, TP2808H, TP2808L
Uti 29LV040, 29LV400T, 29LV800T, 29LV800BT, 29LV017B, 29LV160BT, 29LV320BT
Q2 News 2004
  Introduce The LabTool-T400 Turbo Flash Gang Programmer

Advantech Equipment is very pound to announce the LabTool-T400 four socket Flash Gang Programmer.

The LabTool-T400 is AEC solution for high density/low voltage flash in the next decade, T400 is not the replacement of the current LabTool-848 Gang programmer, it is to extension the AEC's product offer, LabTool-T400 is focus on the high volume customer who need to program high density flash memory in quantity.

848 will be a general purpose gang programmer that support common MCU, EPROM, EEPROM and Flash memory up to 64 or 128 M bit only, Flash with 64M and up to Giga bit density will be the focus of LabTool-T400, there are only very limit overleap in flash device in 32Mb, 64Mb, 128Mb.

Following is the high light of the LabTool-T400:

  • Support 3.3, 1.8V to 1.2V Flash memory chip in VCC and I/O without low voltage converter.
  • High density Flash chip support up to 128G bit.
  • Extremely high speed: it blank check a 64M bit Flash chip in 1.6 seconds, program the STM28W640CT (4 word programming algorithm) within 11.5 seconds chip and verify it within 3.2 seconds.
  • Support 8 bit/16 bit and 32 bit Flash chip.
  • USB 1.1 and 2.0 interface: one PC can attach up to 16 unit LabTool-T400 to perform asynchronous programming.
The LabTool-400 has 4 to 13 times speed than LabTool-848 (Depend on algorithm of chips), it can delivery 3 to 8 times through put than 848, it reserve many extension feature in future (low voltage chip up to 1.2V, max density chip support up to 128Gb, 8/16/32 bit flash support).
Q3 News 2003
  How to select the uBGA adapter to fit the chip
uBGA package do not standardized from vender to vender, this created hundreds of different package in the market and required hundreds of socket/adapter to support the chip. It is very difficult for customer to determine which adapter will fit the chip from the price list and the datasheet of the chip. However if the customer can pay attention to the package of the chip, following is the key factor of the package and using those key factor, it will be more easy to find a suitable adapter to fit the chip.
  • Dimension:
    This is the size of the uBGA or MCP chip, make sure the socket fit the dimension of the chip, normally the dimension is W x L x H for example (6mm x 8mm x 1.2mm).
  • Ball Grid (organization):
    This is matrix of the ball under the chip, for example 6 x 8 =48 ball or 7x 8 = 56 ball or 8x11= 88 ball.
  • Pitch of the ball:
    Distance between the ball, it can be 1.0 mm (Easy BGA), 0.8 mm or 0.75mm or even 0.5mm.
  • Ball diameter:
    This figure can be from 0.30mm to 0.45 mm or 0.5mm dependent on the package, if the Ball diameter of the chip bigger than the socket, after a few insertion, the socket will damage by the chip and cause the poor contact. If the chip has small diameter than the socket, it will cause the poor contact all the time.
  • Ball height:
    This figure can be from 0.2mm to 0.4 mm dependent on the chip package, like the ball diameter, if the socket do not fit the chip in this parameter will cause the damage of the socket or poor contact when insert the chip into the adapter. When select the uBGA adapter, make sure check all above key point for the chip then reference to the attachment adapter and its key dimension chart and you can find which adapter fit the chips.
Q2 News 2003
  LabTool-48XP SW 5.30 support EPP,ECP and Bi-direction Modes

The Labtool-48XP only work under parallel port with EPP has cause many inconvenience of customers who has notebook without EPP in parallel port, Advantech Equipment received many report regarding this issues since the introduction of Labtool-48XP.

With the effort of AEC's R/D team, the SW 5.30 of Labtool-48XP has change the low level parallel port driver that allow the new Labtool-48XP software to work on EPP, ECP, ECP+EPP or Bi-direction mode without the performance decline even with ECP mode.

After execution the labtool-48XP software revision 5.30 EPP, ECP and Bi-direction driver will be open, the SW try to link the Labtool-48XP in EPP driver first, if it failure to connect the Labtool-48XP, the Labtool-48XP software will try the ECP driver and so on until the Labtool-48XP hardware been successfully detect and connect to the PC.

With this approach customer do not need to change the Parallel port set up in the BIOS, the Labtool-48XP software will figure out the parallel port mode and connect the hardware with proper parallel port driver automatically.

Q4 News 2002
  LabTool-48XP advantage over the LabTool-48
  • Double speed in high density flash memory devices program and verify. typical it program a flash memory in 500Kb per second Following is a programming speed benchmark data for LabTool-48 and LabTool-48XP.
    Intel 28F320C3B ( 32 M bit flash) speed benchmark
      Blank Check
    59 sec
    19 sec
    140 sec
    58 sec
    62 sec
    32 sec
    261 sec
    109 sec
  • Support Win 98/95/2000, NT and Win XP.
  • The LabTool-48XP support all the existing LabTool-48 device plus the new device update in the future.
  Upgrade the LabTool-48 to Labtool-48XP
All existing labtool-48 can purchase the upgrade kit to upgrade the LabTool-48 into LabTool-48XP , please contact Advantech local distributor or leave a message on our web.
  Obsolete the Labtool-48 and fake unit from China

Labtool-48 has been obsolete since Sept 2002 and replace by labtool-48XP, Advantech Equipment Corp do not ship any labtool-48 since Sept 2002, if any of customer still can get the labtool-48 in the market after Jan 2003, it must be a forgery unit made in China, fake labtool-48 is wildly spread in China, Hong Kong and may export to other country too.

The fake labtool-48 has very poor quality, no software update, no device update, no support from Advantech, can not upgrade to labtool-48XP.

All the customer are request to order the labtool family programmer from our authorized distributor list in the web to protect your investment.