AEC Newspaper
Q4 News 2005
  Introduce the LabTool-848XP and obsolete the LabTool-848
Advantech Equipment announce the LabTool-848XP in Oct 15, 848XP is fully replace the old LabTool-848. 848XP has all the device support and feature as 848, it has two extra improvement
  1. Support Windows XP operation system.
  2. Both parallel port and USB interface, when using USB interface, multiple 848XP can be control by one PC as asynchronous multiple gang programmer station in production.
  Existing 848 customer can order upgrade kit and upgrade the 848 into 848XP.
  LabTool-48UXP new device support in SW 6.30 (Oct. 2005)
Aplus Flash AF93BC86
Atmel ATmega88/V, ATmega168/V, ATmega165/V, ATmega164/V, ATmega324/V, ATmega644/V, ATmega329/V, ATmega649/V, ATmega1281/L, ATmega2561/V, AT45DB161D, AT45DB642D
Dallas DS89C420
Intel PC28F320J3C, PC28F640J3C, PC28F128J3C, PC28F256J3C, JS28F320J3C, JS28F640J3C, JS28F128J3C, JS28F256J3C
Macronix MX29LV002CB, MX29LV002CT, MX29LV002NCB, MX29LV002NCT, MX29F040C, MX29LV040C, MX29LV008CB, MX29LV008CT, MX29F400CB, MX29F400CT, MX29LV320CB, MX29LV320CT, MX29LA128MB, MX29LA128MT, MX29LA129MH, MX29LA129ML, MX25L512, MX25L1005, MX25L2005, MX25L4005A, MX25L1605A
Megawin MPC89L52A, MPC89E52A
Microchip PIC16F785, PIC16F913, PIC16F914, PIC16F916, PIC16F917
Sharp LH29F640BFHE-PT, LH29F640BFHE-PB
SST 25VF016B, 49LF016C, 36VF3203, 36VF3204
Spansion S29GL032M-FF-S1, S29GL032M-FF-S2
Toshiba TC58FVM7B5B, TC58FVM7T5B, TC58FVM6B5B, TC58FVM6T5B
Winbond W25P10, W25P20, W25P40, W25P80, W25P16, W25P32, W39V040FC, W79E824, W79E825, W79E82J
  LabTool-848XP new device support in SW 4.00 (Oct. 2005)
AMIC A29L400ATV, A29L400AUV, A29L800ATV, A29L800AUV
Atmel AT49BV6416C, AT49BV6416CT
EON EN29LV160AB, EN29LV160AT, EN29LV400AB, EN29LV400AT
Excel ES29LV160DB, ES29LV160DT, ES29LV400DB, ES29LV400DT, ES29LV800DB, ES29LV800DT
Intel RC28F128J3D, TE28F128J3D
Macronix MX25L4005, MX25L4005A, MX25L8005, MX29F040C, MX29LA128MB, MX29LA128MT, MX29LA129MH, MX29LA129ML, MX29LV002CB, MX29LV002CT, MX29LV002NCB, MX29LV002NCT, MX29LV008CB, MX29LV008CT, MX29LV320CB, MX29LV320CT, MX29LV640BB, MX29LV640BT, MX29LV641MH, MX29LV641ML
Microchip PIC16F767, PIC16F777
Philips P89LPC932A1
Sonix SN8P2602AP, SN8P2602AS
Spansion S29GL032M-F-S1, S29GL032M-F-S2, S29GL064M-F-S1, S29GL064M-F-S2
SST 39VF1681, 39VF1682, 39VF6401, 39VF6402, SST25LF020A, SST25LF040A, SST25LF080A, SST25VF040, SST25VF080
ST M25P40, M25P80
Winbond W19B320AB, W19B320AT
  LabTool-148C new device support in SW 4.00 (Oct. 2005)
Macronix MX25L4005, MX25L4005A, MX25L8005
Microchip PIC16F767, PIC16F777
Philips P89LPC932A1
Sonix SN8P2602AP, SN8P2602AS
SST SST25LF020A, SST25LF040A, SST25LF080A, SST25VF040, SST25VF080
ST M25P40, M25P80
  LabTool-T400 new device support in SW 1.40 (Oct. 2005)
Hyundai HY27US08281A
Intel GE28F128W18T, GE28F128W18B, GE28F128W30T, GE28F128W30B, GE28F128W18TD, GE28F128W18BD, GE28F128W30TD, GE28F128W30BD, PF48F3000L0YB, PF48F3000L0YT, PF48F3000L0ZB, PF48F3000L0ZT, PH28F640W18T, PH28F640W18B, PH28F128L18T, PH28F128L18B, PH38F1010W0YB, PH28F128W18TD, PH28F128W18BD, PH28F128W30TD, PH28F128W30BD, PC28F640P30T, PC28F640P30B, PC28F256P30T, PC28F256P30B, PC48F4400P0VB, PC48F4400P0VT, RC28F128J3D, RC28F256J3C, RC28F640P30T, RC28F640P30B, RC28F256P30T, RC28F256P30B, PC28F128P30T, PC28F128P30B, RC28F128P30T, RC28F128P30B, RD38F2210WWYD, RD38F2210WWZD, RD38F2220WWYD, RD38F2220WWZD, RD38F4050L0ZB, RD38F4050L0ZT, RD38F3350LLZD, RC48F4400P0VB, RC48F4400P0VT
Macronix MX26L6419, MX26L6420, MX28F640C3BB, MX28F640C3BT, MX29LV640MH, MX29LV640ML
Renesas M5M29KB641AVP, M5M29KT641AVP
Samsung K9F1G08U0A, K9K1G08U0M, K5D5657ACM-F, K9F1208U0M
Sharp LH28F256BFHEDT
Spansion S29GL064A-TF-R1, S29GL064A-TF-R2, S29GL064A-TF-R3,
S29GL064A-TF-R4, S29GL064A-TF-R6, S29GL064A-TF-R7,
S29GL064A-TF-R8, S29GL064A-TF-R9, S29GL064M-TA-R3,
S29GL064M-TA-R4, S29GL064M-TA-R6, S29GL064M-TA-R7,
S29GL064M-TC-R2, S29GL064M-TC-R7, S71PL032J40, S71PL032J80, S71PL032JA0, S71PL064J08, S71PL064J80
SST 32HF3282
ST M36D0R4010T0, M36D0R4010B0, M58WR128FT, M58WR128FB, M74DW66500B, NAND01GW3A0, NAND128W3A2, NAND256W3A2, NAND512W3A2, NAND01GW3A2, NAND02GW3B2
Toshiba TC58DVM92A1FT, TC58DVG02A2FT